Monday, April 12, 2010

Blogger Buzz: Introducing Backlinks

Increase backlinks to have a high page-rank

How to create backlinks to increase
Website Traffic

If you have a website to offer information
on a given subject generally this information is free of charge but sometimes
there is a cost involved. However in either circumstance for your website to
be a hit you need people to visit your website, this comes by the way of website
traffic. Right now at any moment of time there is an absolute abundance of web
site traffic
out there on the internet, however if they do not know
your website exist they're not going to be visiting your new website are they?
So how do you increase targeted website traffic?

One excellent way to get free targeted
website traffic is to have as many alternative websites all back linking
to your website
, the search engines love back links, and they're a
promotional tactic for your on-line presence. In these times when everyone searches
the internet for almost anything, having a good internet presence is of great
importance for any big or small business, be it online or off and your promotional
strategy to increase traffic to your website will either create or break you.

= Potential Customers, Potential Customers = Profit, more potential
customers = more profit.

We need website traffic to generate
more profit! We wouldn't build a web site to have nobody to look at it now would
you? So if you're wondering how to get back links to increase website traffic
here are two ways in which you'll do it. Most of the internet traffic comes
from MSN, GOOGLE, YAHOO, these are the top three search engines but there are
a number of other search engines also that you should be submitting your web
site details to, other wise you'll have know probability of anyone finding your

The search engines will find your
web-site using there robots, but this will take long long time thus you're best
submitting the web-site yourself with a brief detailed description. This in
fact won't get you to the top of page 1 on Google, Yahoo, Msn, however this
is the first step you should be doing when making an attempt to generate free
internet traffic. Like I said Google, Yahoo & MSN are the top three but
you must submit to as many as you can.

Once submitted to the search engines you should use free and paid internet directories
to get the word out and increase traffic to your website. Posting your web-site
to Internet directories really help you. I infact feel posting web-sites to
internet directories is a quickest way to increase back-links and in turn increase
and improve your Page rank, which helps websites to get a better ranking on
search engines.

so lets see in this way..

website to Internet Directories
= Quickest way to get back-links
= Better and Higher pagerank

Above are just some easy ways to generate free web traffic to your web site
by making back links,

Now you got to additionally take into account your on page optimisation. Here
are some main items that you must check on while submitting your website to
internet directories... Your Title should have your main keywords in there,
your main keywords got to be sprinkled throughout your website description or
sales literature and if you have got pictures on there they can be tagged with
your keywords.

I have tried posting my website on
couple of internet directories.

There was one internet directory which verified my website and approved my listing
very quickly as they promised within 4 hours. Did you know i had my first backlink
for my website within less than 4 hours. is the fastest human edited online internet
directory which generates quickest guaranteed backlink for Free.

Its Worth submitting your website
to the Top world directory (free
internet directory)
as fast as you can as the top world directory
mentions they have a limited time offer give free back-links.

Once the offer expires they would be asking for some minimum fee for each backlink
they create.

So lets get
a free back-link


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